Flags of the World: Bosnia

The Bosnia flag has an interesting design that includes a blue background with an isosceles triangle and a series of five-pointed stars that run along one edge of the triangle.

The triangle is arguably the most important detail of the flag as the three points represent the three nations of Bosnia as Serbs, Bosniaks, and Croats. The yellow color was chosen to represent liberality. Furthermore, the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina happen to be in the shape of a triangle.

The blue background signifies truth, dedication, justice, and integrity, while the white stars seen running alongside the triangle represent Europe. Because they represent Europe, they continue unending across the flag.

Although the flag was adopted in 1998, the colors have a more storied history. Yellow and blue are also seen on the flag of Europe. In addition, blue was originally used on the flag of the United Nations. The Bosnian people chose these colors for their special history, but also because they are associated with neutrality and peace.

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