Flags of the World: Brunei

The general design of the Brunei flag has been in use since 1906. The yellow field represents the sultan of Brunei, as yellow is the traditional color of royalty in Southeast Asia. Many of the flags in the area use this color for the same reason.

Black and white stripes represent Brunei’s chief ministers. At one time, they were joint-regents, and after the sultan came of age, they became senior advisors. The first minister, Pengiran Bendahara, is symbolized by a thick white stripe, while the second minister, Pengiran Pemancha, is symbolized by the slightly smaller black stripe.

The design of the flag of Brunei was modernized in 1959 with the addition of the Crest of Brunei. The crescent symbolizes Islam. A ribbon is located below the crescent containing Arabic inscriptions which include the national motto and the Brunei Darussalam.

Navy and Army ensigns also exist that appear very similar to the Brunei national flag, except they also include a red stripe in between the white and black stripes.

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