Flags of the World: Burundi

Burundi is officially known as the Republic of Burundi and has a unique flag that is recognizable right away. What makes the Burundi flag appear so unique is its white satire that divides the flag into alternating color segments. The center of the satire contains a white circle with three six pointed stars.

Just like other African flags, the flag of Burundi contains Pan-African colors, but each of these colors has a special meaning. The white color of the satire and circle represent peace, green represents hope and optimism, while the red color represents the bloodshed of the brave soldiers who fought for Burundi’s independence.

The three six pointed stars on the flag of Burundi also have their own meaning. They are arranged in a triangular shape which represents the national motto of “Unity, Work, and Progress.” The three stars are even more meaningful as they represent the three ethnic groups in Burundi which include the Hutu, Tutsi, and the Twa.