Flags of the World: Central African Republic Flag

The design of the Central African Republic flag was created by Barthelemy Boganda, who was the first president of CAR. The flag of the Central African Republic was adopted on December 1, 1958.

Barthelemy believed that “France and Africa must march together,” which is why the Pan African colors, as well as the colors of the French flag, can be found on the CAR flag.

The design of the flag is comprised of four horizontal stripes in the colors of blue, white, green, and yellow from top to bottom. A vertical red stripe intersects each of the horizontal stripes right down the middle of the flag. Although these colors were chosen to represent Africa and France, they still contain their own meaning. Red symbolizes the blood shed by the people to achieve independence, blue represents the sky and freedom, white represents peace and dignity, while green symbolizes hope and faith. Finally, the color yellow represents the tolerance and hospitality of the people of CAR.

The star is an additional design detail that is located in the upper left hand corner. It guides the steps of the Central African people towards freedom.

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