Flags of the World: Chad

The Chad flag, (located in the center of Africa), breaks from the tradition of other African flags in that it doesn’t contain a complete set of Pan African colors, even though it does still use yellow and red. Instead, this simple flag design is comprised of three vertical stripes of equal sizes in blue, yellow, and red.

The colors on the Chad national flag are very symbolic. The blue color represents clear blue skies and the waters in southern Chad. The middle yellow band represents the bright sunshine and the desert sands in the north of Chad. The red color stands for progress, unity, and sacrifice.

Originally, the Chad national flag contained the final Pan African color of green, but it was later replaced with blue to differentiate the flag from the flag of Mali. Even so, the flag still closely resembles the flag of Andorra and Romania, except the flag of Chad doesn’t contain an emblem, and the blue stripe is a slightly different color.

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