Flags of the World: The Colombian Flag

The Colombian flag follows in the design footsteps of many other flags of the world, but with a unique twist. It is comprised of three horizontal stripes, but what sets it apart is the fact that the top stripe is much wider than the other two.

The large top stripe is colored yellow and represents the gold that can be found throughout the country. Under the gold stripe is a smaller stripe of blue, which represents the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea that border the west and the north of Colombia. This color is also known to represent the equality of all races and classes in Colombian society. The bottom stripe is colored red and symbolizes the sacrifices and blood spilled by the heroes during the struggle for independence.

The design of the national flag of Colombia was inspired by the flag Christopher Columbus used during his expeditions, which makes this a rather old flag. The Colombian flag was adopted in the 1800s.

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