Flags of the World: Cyprus

When independence was granted to Cyprus under the Zurich and London Agreement, the national Cyprus flag was approved on August 16, 1960. The design is extremely unique as it was created by a Turkish Cypriot art teacher named Ismet Guney who won a competition that was judged by the President of the Republic, Mgr. Makarios.

The national flag Cyprus features the island of Cyprus, which is colored orange to represent the abundance of copper ore that can be found there. The island floats a white background, which represents the international peace and solidarity that Cyprus continues to strive to maintain.

Below the depiction of the island are two olive branches which symbolize peace and harmony as it relates to the negations that have taken place, and continue to take place, between the Greek and Turkish communities. This is also why a cross or crescent, as well as the colors blue and red, which represent Greece and Turkey respectively, were not used on the flag.

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