Flags of the World: Czech Republic

The Czech Republic flag utilizes the traditional Bohemian colors of red, white, and blue. These are the prominent features of this flag as no other colors or design details are used. Instead, the top of half of the flag is white, the bottom half is blue, with a blue triangle on the left hand side of the flag.

Because the colors are Bohemian in nature, they are extremely meaningful. White represents the peaceful and honest nature of the people, red symbolizes valor, courage, and the patriotic spirit, and blue represents vigilance, truth, loyalty, and perseverance, all of which are valued by the Czech Republic.

This design was retained by the Czech Republic after Czechoslovakia split into the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The flag of the Czech Republic was originally adopted in 1920 and readopted in 1993. Slovakia adopted another flag that also features red, white, and blue.

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