Swooper Feather Flags

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Looking for a streamlined way to promote your business or special event without taking up too much space? Traditional feather flags may not be the right option because they can be a bit bulky. For a streamlined look, choose swooper banner flags from The Flag Makers.

Instead of having large curves, swooper banner flags feature a blunt angle at the top, creating a more streamlined appearance. They are an especially good choice if you have an existing logo or image with a rectangular appearance that you’d like to use on a flag.

Flags that stay put with a sturdy base

A swooper banner flag, no matter how eye-catching, is only as good as the base that it’s placed on. Otherwise, the flag will fall over, and it’s no good at advertising what your business has to offer if it’s laying on the ground!

We offer a wide variety of flag poles and bases, but no matter which one you choose, each one is manufactured with sturdiness in mind. Poles are made out of aluminum so that they don’t add a lot of extra bulk and weight to the flag itself. Bases are made out of iron, providing a heavy base for your flag so it won’t tip or topple over.

Let us customize a flag just for you

It’s all about customization at The Flag Makers. No matter what your design, or the shape or size of the flag, we can create the perfect display just for you! Fill out our custom form and we’ll provide you with a free estimate!

Pole Size Total Height Flag Size
MLGAL4.6M 470cm 27.5″*128.5″
MLGAL4.6M 470cm 26.07″*142.8″
Item No. Picture Weight Size Material
 MLG146-3M 0.72kg  146*Ø1.9*4cm  Alumium
Item No. Picture Weight Size Material
 MBS1(A1) 1.2kg 63.5*6*4cm  Ø12mm  Iron
MBS2(A2) 1.8kg 63.5*7*4cm  Ø18mm Iron
MBSG-750 1.6kg 75*1.6*3.2cm EF Spray
MBS3(B1) 3.6kg 65*8*8cm Iron
MBS4(B2) 4.26kg 70*4*8cm Iron