Flags of the World: Djibouti

After gaining independence from France, the people of Djibouti adopted their national flag on June 27, 1977, which is the very same day that they became independent. The Djibouti flag looks similar to other flags, but each color carries its own meaning as it relates to Djibouti. The top horizontal stripe on the flag is light blue, which represents the clear blue skies and clean waters of Djibouti. The bottom horizontal stripe is green and represents the lush plant life in the region.

On the hoist side of the Djibouti national flag is located a white triangle which represents peace and harmony. Located in the center of this triangle is a small, red, five pointed star, which stands for unity, as well as the areas where the Somali people live.

Although these are the meanings associated with each color today, in 1972, the meanings were very different. The green represented the Afar people and the light blue color stood for the Issas.

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