Flags of the World: Ecuador

The Ecuador flag dates all the way back to September 26, 1860, although the coat of arms was added to the flag in 1900. The Ecuador national flag features three stripes of horizontal color blocks, making the flag appear similar to the flags of Colombia and Venezuela, but the proportions of the stripes set this flag apart.

The top stripe on the Ecuador flag is the largest, and it’s colored yellow. It represents the bright sunshine and the fertility of the land, so it makes sense that it would be located at the top of the flag. This color also represents the gold ore that can be found throughout the region.

The two bottom stripes are smaller. The middle stripe is blue and represents blue skies and Ecuador’s coastal regions. The bottom red stripe represents bloodshed and the patriotic spirit of the people in obtaining Ecuador’s freedom.

The coat of arms is the most striking feature of the Ecuador flag. The shield depicts the snow-capped peak of Mount Chimborazo, which is the highest peak in Ecuador. The steamboat on the coat of arms represents the first steamboat in Latin America, which sailed the Guayas River. The coat of arms is topped with a condor, which is the national bird of Ecuador.

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