Flags of the World: Equatorial Guinea

This Guinea Equatorial flag was first proudly flown on October 12, 1968 when Equatorial Guinea won its independence. However, modifications were made to the Guinea Equatorial flag and the current design was officially adopted in 1979.

The flag of Equatorial Guinea features three stripes of color in green, white, and red from top to bottom, with a blue triangle at the hoist. Green represents lush vegetation, white symbolizes peace and harmony, red symbolizes the patriotic spirit, and blue represents the pristine waters surrounding Equatorial Guinea.

As with many other flags designed in the 1900s, this Equatorial Guinea flag also contains the national coat of arms which features a cotton tree on a shield. This tree represents the historical link between Equatorial Guinea and Spain. Above the tree are 6 stars, which represent the mainland, as well as the 5 outer islands of Annobon, Bioko, Corisco, Great Elobey, and Small Elobey. Underneath the tree “Unidad Paz Justica” is inscribed, which means “Unity Peace Justice.”

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