Flags of the World: Estonia

The design of the Estonia flag is quite basic as it’s comprised of three horizontal bands of color. The top stripe is blue, the middle stripe is black, and the bottom stripe is white.

The blue stripe represents blue skies and the countless miles of coastal waters found throughout the country. It also represents hope. For these reasons, it makes sense that this color is located at the top of the Estonian flag.

The middle black stripe represents the country’s dark past and the challenges that the people living there experienced. It also represents the traditional black clothing that the peasants have been known to wear.

White represents the yearning for peace, unity, solidarity, and enlightenment. This color was also chosen to represent a commitment to work, which is a trait that it’s important to the people of Estonia.

The national Estonia flag was initially flown after gaining freedom from Russia in 1918. Unfortunately, the area was taken over by Russia again, and the flag became illegal to fly. It wasn’t until 1991 that Estonia regained its independence again and was able to readopt its flag.

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