Flags of the World: Ethiopia

The colors red, yellow, and green were chosen for the Ethiopia flag because they have historic importance. They date back to Emperor Menelik, and they were first used on a flag for Ethiopia, all the way back in 1897. They are also common colors used on flags throughout the region because they are traditional Pan-African colors.

Green represents hope and the fertility of the land. Yellow stands for harmony among the people of Ethiopia. Red represents valor and war as it relates to the fight for independence and resistance to colonists taking over.

In the center of the flag is a yellow, five pointed star which symbolizes the bright future of the nation. It’s also been said that the star represents the Star of David. The rays emanating from the star symbolize equality and prosperity, even among the diverse people of Ethiopia.

The first version of the Ethiopia national flag was adopted in 1996. The current flag for Ethiopia, which depicts the star wasn’t formally approved until 2009.

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