Flags of the World: Falkland Islands

As a British Overseas Territory, Falkland Islands flag features the Union Jack in the upper left hand corner. The background color of the Falklands flag is blue, which is fairly common among flags that feature the Union Jack.

The similarities don’t end there. Just like other British Overseas Territories, the coat of arms of the Falkland Islands is featured on the right hand side of the flag to differentiate it from others that look similar. The shield features a ram standing on a bed of grass which is placed above waves of water where a ship floats. The banner at the very bottom of the coat of arms says “Desire the Right.”

The ram represents the traditional agriculture of the island, the grass is more specifically the native tussock grass, while the ship represents the ship named “Desire” that discovered the island way back in 1592.

Falklands flag designs go back to 1925, but the current version of the flag of the Falkland Islands was adopted in 1999.

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