Flags of the World: Fiji Flag

Although the Fiji flag may not appear all that unique, the history of the Fiji flag is. Once a British Overseas Territory, Fiji was declared a republic in 1987. Even though some politicians have been calling for a redesign of the flag, the current design still persists. Even after Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama announced an overhaul of the design in 2013, the design of the Fiji Islands flag remains the same as it was when it was initially adopted in 1970.

The Union Jack can be found in the upper left hand corner and the shield of Fiji in the center on the right hand side of the flag. The shield is divided into four separate quarters by a red cross, which is repeating the design of St. George’s Cross in the Union Jack. The images on the shield represent the agricultural activities of the people on the island. A British lion is settled on the top of the shield holding a cocoa pod.

The background of the Fiji Islands flag is blue, which is what you might expect from a former British Overseas Territory, but it is a lighter shade of blue.

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