Flags of the World: French Guiana

On January 29, 2010, a new French Guiana flag was adopted by the General or Departmental Council. Unfortunately, this design has not yet been recognized by the region. So instead of flying the new flag, most areas of French Guiana still recognize and fly the French Tricolor as the official flag.

The new flag has two equal diagonal parts. The bottom left half of the flag is colored yellow, while the upper right half of the flag is colored green. The yellow color represents the gold and other mineral deposits that provide wealth to the region. The green color represents the rainforests and other natural resources, as the people of French Guiana take pride in the biodiversity found throughout the country.

The final detail of the flag of French Guiana can be found in the very center in the form of a red five pointed star. This decorative detail represents socialism, which is found throughout the area.

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