Flags of the World: Gabon

Originally an overseas territory of France, Gabon won its independence on August 17, 1960, so a new flag design was needed. Originally, the flag of Gabon was designed in 1959 with the French Tricolor imposed on the flag, but after gaining independence, it was removed, and the Gabon flag has flown as it’s shown here ever since.

The Gabonese national flag doesn’t have the most unique design, but the colors are unique to the Gabon flag. The simple design consists of three horizontal panels with no other design details. The colors are green, yellow, and blue, from top to bottom.

The green band represents the forests in the region that provide the residents with abundant natural resources. The yellow color has multiple meanings. It represents the equator, which runs through Gabon, but it also represents warm sunshine and the gold deposits found there. The bottom blue stripe represents the Atlantic Ocean.

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