Flags of the World: Gambia

Gambia’s flag takes a new spin on the traditional horizontal tricolor flag. Instead of consisting of three horizontal bands from top to bottom, the Gambia flag is adorned with smaller stripes of white in between each color.

The Gambia flag was designed by Pa Louis Thomas, and each color has a special meaning. The red stripe at the top represents the grasslands and savannahs, but the color also symbolizes the sun shining in the sky. The middle stripe is blue and represents the Gambia River. The green stripe at the bottom represents the lush forests and agriculture in the area.

The white stripes are what make the flag of Gambia stand apart, and they have a special meaning too. The white color was chosen to represent unity, peace, and harmony.

Formerly ruled by Great Britain, Gambia achieved independence on February 18, 1965, which is also the same day that the flag of Gambia was officially adopted.

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