Flags of the World: Grenada

Although Grenada is not located on the African continent, the Grenada flag uses traditional Pan-African colors due to the country’s historical ties to Africa. Even though it shares its colors with many African flags, the design is extremely unique.

The Grenada flag is divided into four equal sized triangles in the center with a border around the outside of the flag. In the center of the flag where all four triangles meet is a yellow star inside a red circle.

The red color of the flag stands for the courage and vitality of the people, while the red border symbolizes the preservation of unity. Yellow represents sunshine and the sunny disposition of the people. Green represents the land.

Six stars are located on the border of the flag which stand for the six parishes of Grenada. The large star in the center stands for the capital.

Arguably the most interesting feature is located on the left side of the Grenada national flag. This small image represents the humble nutmeg. Grenada was once called the Island of Spice thanks to its many nutmeg trees. Today, Grenada still provides about 40% of the world’s nutmeg supply.

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