Flags of the World: Guadeloupe

Guadeloupe is an overseas territory of France, so this country uses the French Tricolor as its official flag. However, the people there do regularly use an unofficial flag, even though it is never used for official purposes.

The unofficial Guadeloupe flag has a background of blue and black divided into two horizontal stripes. The smaller blue stripe is located at the top of the flag while the larger black stripe is located at the bottom.

On the blue stripe, three fleurs-de-lis reference Guadeloupe’s past and present rule from France. Sugar cane leaves can be found on the bottom black stripe, as it’s one of the main crops that the people there grow. On top of the sugar canes is a large yellow sun, representing the tropical climate of the island.

Variations of this flag also exist. Some look similar and others look quite different, but none of these flags are used officially.

We’d love to create a flag just for you! Pair the French flag with the unofficial flag of Guadeloupe at your next event!