Flags of the World: Guam

Guam is a United States territory, but you wouldn’t know it by looking at the Guam flag. Although it does contain the colors red and blue, the design doesn’t resemble the United States flag at all.

Designed in 1917 by the wife of a US Naval officer, the Guam flag was finally adopted in 1948. The majority of the background is blue, with a thin border of red around the edge of the flag. An oval ensign is located in the center of the flag.

The ensign depicts Guam’s coat of arms which includes a boat sailing in waters that represent Agana Bay near Hagatna. A coconut tree is settled in the center, standing proudly in front of Two Lover’s Point in Tumon Bay. Guam is spelled in red letters on the ensign.

The oval shape of the coat of arms is unique. It was chosen to reflect the shape of the sling stones that were once regularly used on the island.

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