Soild Base Fabric Stand

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Sometimes, simplicity is better. Curved, uniquely-shaped advertising stands may get attention, but they may not be the most effective way to display your logo or image, especially if you want to use your display as a direct way of communicating with potential clients and customers. If you’re looking for a clear way to advertise, choose a straight fabric stand.

Because these stands are completely vertical, you have a little more flexibility in deciding exactly what you want to display. Your logo is always a good choice, but because these stands are easy to read, you can include special offers and sales that would be difficult to include on other banners.

Sturdy base is perfect for indoor and outdoor events

Don’t get stuck with a stand that can only be used indoors. Choose a straight fabric stand from The Flag Makers that can be used outdoors too.

We use high-quality fabrics that can feature any combination of colors to make your logo come to life without fading, even in UV light. Although each frame is extremely lightweight, making the straight fabric stand easy to set up, each one also comes with a sturdy base to help prevent toppling, even in windy weather.

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Item No.MaterialPrint Size(cm)Display Size(cm)Display Weight(kg)
E17U36A210g elastic knitted
250g soft knitted
260g elastic knitted
Item No.MaterialPrint Size(cm)Display Size(cm)Display Weight(kg)
E17U36210g elastic knitted
250g soft knitted
260g elastic knitted