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Table covers and banners are essential to your display, but if you don’t add a fabric stand to your advertising ensemble, you’re really missing out! While other banners and flags may get noticed, nothing showcases your logo like a fabric stand.

Instead of standing just a few feet off the ground, a fabric stand from The Flag Makers can stand 8, 10, or even 20 feet tall! And, unlike other displays that are narrow, our fabric stand displays are as wide as they are tall, providing you with a large area to display an image that passersby simply can’t ignore.

So Many Ways To Use Your Fabric Stand

Your creativity is the only limit when it comes to figuring out exactly how you want to use your new fabric stand. You have so many options!

  • Use the stand as a divider between tradeshow booths
  • Create distinct spaces within a larger space
  • Use it as a backdrop to feature a product or service
  • Set it up against a wall as a large banner display
  • Create a fun photo booth

Although our fabric stands are large, they aren’t difficult to set up or tear down. Lightweight frames and wrinkle-resistant fabrics make it easy for a single person to set up, tear down, and transport the fabric stand to any event.

Quality Printing Techniques

We know how quickly the color on low-quality flags can fade, flake, or run. At The Flag Makers, we only use quality printing techniques that perfectly recreate your logo or image. The inks are specially formulated to stay vibrant and firm, so your stand will look like new for many years, even if you use it outside.

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Item No. Material Print Size(cm) Display Size(cm) Display Weight(kg)
E17U25 (Alu Feet) 260g elastic knitted 243.8×228 (8ft)243.8×228 5.5
E17U24 (Alu Feet) 260g elastic knitted 292.2×228 (10ft)292.2×228 7.5
E17U27 (Alu Feet) 260g elastic knitted 596×228 (20ft)596×228 10.0
Item No. Material Print Size(cm) Display Size(cm) Display Weight(kg)
E17U03 260g elastic knitted 255×228 (8ft)243.8×228 4.0
E17U04 260g elastic knitted 300×228 (10ft)300×228 5.5
E17U26 260g elastic knitted 636×228 (20ft)596×228 8.0
Item No. Material Print Size(cm) Display Size(cm) Display Weight(kg)
E17U06 260g Elastic Knitted 268.4×228 (8ft)243.8×228 5.0
E17U05 260g Elastic Knitted 314×228 (10ft)299.7×228 6.5
E17U28 260g Elastic Knitted 636×228 (20ft)596×228 9.0