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Stretch Table Covers That Fit Like a Glove

There are many different kinds of table covers to choose from, but they aren’t equally as easy to use. If you don’t want to fuss around with a traditional tablecloth that drapes and hangs over the edge of the table, choose stretch table covers instead!

Stretch table covers provide a polished, professional look by conforming to the size of your table perfectly. There are no tripping hazards, because the fabric clings tightly to the table.

They’re easy to set up too! Because each stretch table cover is made out of 180g elastic polyester, you can place your tablecloth on the table in less than a minute.

Stretch Table Covers Are Perfect for Outdoor Events

Stretch table covers provide the perfect solution in busy areas because they eliminate the possibility of trips and falls, but they are an especially good choice for outdoor events.

Instead of dealing with fabric flapping in the breeze, stretch covers have absolutely no extra fabric. They cling tightly to the sides of the table, leaving no extra fabric to flap in the wind. If you are really looking for a streamlined look, choose a tabletop cover that doesn’t cover the sides of the table at all!

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