Flag Fabric for Standard Custom Flags

There are several different materials that can be used to create custom flags. Here at, The Flag Makers, we use many different materials to print with. We have the ability to use different types of materials to suit every environment as needed.

100D Polyester


Printing Techniques: Dye sublimation and Screen printing

Maximum Printing Width: 160cm

Ideal For: Custom flags, Table flags, Car flags, Bunting, Body flag, Scarf, Bandanna, Table flag, Hand flag, Antenna flag.

100D Polyester 100D polyester is an inexpensive flag material. This material is made from thin polyester, and is commonly used for special events and promotional giveaways. This material can be used outdoors, but it is not recommended. The life expectancy of this flag is limited.

200D Superknit Polyester


Printing Techniques: Dye sublimation and Screen printing

Maximum Printing Width: 160cm

Ideal For: Custom flags, Table flags, Car flags, Bunting, Body flag, Scarf, Table flag, Hand flag, Antenna flag, Feather flags, Teardrop flags, Banners.

200D Knitted Polyester This is a hefty flag that is made with knitted polyester. This material is one of strongest, most-durable materials available for flag making. This makes it one of the best choices if you plan on flying your flag continuously. This material makes for great flying, as it is much lighter in weight. This means that it does not take a lot of wind to move it.

500D Woven Polyester

Printing Techniques: Screen printing

Maximum Printing Width: 160cm

Ideal For: Custom poles flags in high windy areas

Woven/500D Spun Polyester: Spun polyester is easily the most durable flag material you can get. The open weave reduces fabric stress and is resistant to high winds. This flag material is the best choice if you fly the flag 24 hours per day and you typically experience a higher wind speed. Spun polyester flags are made from a much heavier fabric, so they require a faster wind speed to move it. Because these flags are heavier, they also require more effort to raise and take down.


We recommend considering how you plan on using your flag and what sort of conditions it will be flown in. Indoor flags will typically have a longer lifespan, but with the proper care and treatment, outdoor flags have been known to last just as long.

Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have before placing your order, if you need help with determining which type of flag and materials will best suit your needs!

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